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The rise in content creation, both adult and performative, has led to significant changes in the industry landscape. Companies like OnlyFans have experienced unprecedented growth and substantial financial inflows, reshaping the way consumers access adult entertainment.

This shift has created a new landscape for content consumption, one where personalized, creative, digital content is in high demand. Creators are leveraging multiple social media platforms to market themselves and attract customers to subscription-based platforms.

DLM is poised to capitalize on this evolving market with its tailored portfolio of products and services. By offering a user-centric platform with impressive features, creators can effectively draw in millions of users without the need for extensive advertising spend. This approach represents a strategic opportunity for DLM to thrive in the dynamic realm of digital content creation.

Glass Ceiling

introducing live gemini


With over $7billion USD being paid out in 2022, the platforms launch could not come at a better time. With Onlyfans struggling to operate an adult-focused platform, millions of users and creators are gearing up to move to an alternativeLive Gemini.

The team are continuing to develop, test and tweak the platform to make sure it supports content creators in their journey to attract a large user base to their profiles. Below are some of the services the platform will offer from launch.

Live Gemini is a unique Platform that collates the five main pillars and the accompanying subsets of online Adult Entertainment into a single location and combines this with the ability of the user to tailor the experience they are looking for, as well as directly interacting with any performer on the platform.

From a Performer’s perspective Live Gemini is a ready made Virtual Storefront combined with a Social Media tool that the performer personally has full control over. This allows the performer to offer a range of Services and Products of their choosing, control their Marketing, control their Financials and ultimately create a bespoke experience for their customer.

Live Gemini Hosts a Unique array of functionality including, Network Platforms, VR Content, Adult Marketplace, Subscription based service's, Interactive Web - Applications, NFT Marketplace, Crypto token platforms and many more!

In addition Live Gemini further monetizes the platform’s content with physical products, offering direct purchase of over ten thousand physical goods,
making it the largest adult-oriented online store.


a Sophisticated Investor

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